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Changing sleeping cycle in children

Changing sleeping cycle in children

How does the time change affect children? “Time is the measure of movement between two instants” Aristotle As we have talked about on other occasions, the routines are very good for children. Babies, children and adults need sleep. Children and adults need enough sleep to…

Benefits of swimming for kids

Benefits of swimming for kids

“You can not put a limit on something, the more you dream the farther you will get”. Michael Phelps It has always been said that swimming is the most complete sport. That being the case, the sooner we start to practice it better! It has…

Back to school !

Back to school !

Back to school! “Education is the master key that opens all doors” The long school holidays are coming to an end and the return to school is approaching. This affects parents and children. To the parents, because we have to prepare everything necessary, and the…



First days of school, how to make them more bearable? “The best way to make children good is to make them happy” -Oscar Wilde. If it’s hard for us all to get back into the routine after a long summer, it’s normal for the little…

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