How we work

The selection process will have the following phases:

We collect the information of the nanny or educator you are looking for through an online application form (nanny profile, timetable, home location, etc.)

We begin the search for the nannies or educators that best fit the profile requested. For this we carry out the following actions:

  • We publish the offer in our job board and we do a mailing to our extensive database of candidates.
  • We make a pre-selection among the users who have registered for each offer through the means mentioned above.
  • We carry out the interview process with the candidates interested in the offer.
  • We check references of former employers and check their documentation.
  • We make a report of each candidate that fits the profile requested.

We proceed to send the report of the candidates that fit the needs of the family or school. Normally we send an average of three profiles for each family or center.

After reviewing the reports we have sent, the family or center will tell us which candidates they want to meet and we will organize the interview at the agreed time and place.

Once the decision has been made, the selected candidate will be notified and we will proceed to send the complete file with her/him information so that you can contact her/him and close the conditions and start date.

We will advise you regarding the hiring regime and, where appropriate, social security, and we will send you the corresponding forms.

The fees will only be paid if you select any of the proposed candidates. The payment should be made the first week of work of your nanny or educator.

Once the payment is made, you will have the replacement guarantee in case you need it.

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