Day care centers and nursery schools do a wonderful job and help many families to be able to organize themselves by making sure that their children are cared for and in good hands.

For those of you who prefer to keep your children at home during the first years of life, Care for Kids offers you the alternative of organizing the daycare in your own home, either just for your child/children or together with other children who live nearby.

What are the benefits of home nursery?

* Greater flexibility for parents – Hiring an educator in your home will allow you to choose the schedule that best suits your needs, therefore gaining more flexibility to organize and reconcile. There are many hiring formulas, from a short time (1 or 2 hours a day) more dedicated to stimulation, to full days in which the educator is in charge of the routines and care of the children as well as their stimulation.

* Reducing the risk of getting diseases for children – By staying at home, children are less exposed to diseases at an age when they are not yet immune to anything. In line with this, pediatricians advise that children do not go to day care before the age of 2 years old, to avoid bronchitis, pneumonia, otitis, etc. very frequent at this age.

* Better adaptation to children’s schedules – Since you choose the schedule that best suits your needs, children will be able to follow their eating and sleeping routines perfectly and you will be able to continue to supervise their feeding with the products chosen for your home.

* Personalized education and the option of learning a second language – with this option you can adapt the pace of work and learning of the children. Thus, a greater progress in the work will be achieved, motivation will increase. There is also the option of bilingual home daycare, with the option of introducing a second language by opting for a bilingual educator in another language (English, French, etc.) who will teach the children in a playful way.

* And why not share the expenses? – You can choose to form a playgroup or rolling kindergartens with several children, thus sharing the costs with two or three friends or relatives, the cost of hiring an educator is quite low and your children will be very well cared for and stimulated.

Feel free to consult us without any obligation and we will be happy to try to help you.

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