“Learning is a treasure that follows its owner throughout his life”

Early Stimulation consists of activities with the children during the first years of life so they can learn through play and routines. Some of the activities that can be done with them are singing, telling stories, giving them a massage after bathing, teaching them the body parts, encouraging them to do things by themselves corresponding to their age.

The age period in which it takes place is the early estimate between 0 and 5 years.

Some of the many benefits of early estimation are the following:

· Help in the mastery of motor skills.

· Development in the language.

· Improves social and emotional abilities.

· Psychomotor and intellectual learning.

· It favors its maturation,

Although as parents we can give an answer to our children in the day, in the day, it is advisable, in estimation, in practice, in training, in early childhood education, in pedagogy, in child psychology, in which We can help and give the guidelines for the child to enjoy the estimate and not. It supposes a stress to him.

From Careforkids we help you find a person to help you and guide you in the early estimation of your children

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