How does the time change affect children?

“Time is the measure of movement between two instants” Aristotle

As we have talked about on other occasions, the routines are very good for children.

Babies, children and adults need sleep. Children and adults need enough sleep to be able to play, learn and concentrate during the day.

The change of the schedules for children supposes a change in those routines when delaying them or advancing them one hour their day to day. Therefore, it is normal for many children to suffer a series of symptoms in the days after the time change, such as:

  • Difficulty falling asleep at the usual time.
  • Feeling more tired than usual.
  • Irascibility and mood swings
  • Difficulty for attention and concentration.

What can we do to help them get used to the new schedule?

  • Ideally it is good to prepare the days before adapting the meal times and bedtime to what will be the new schedule.
  • Follow normal bedtime routines, for example, brush your teeth, read a story, say good night, turn lights on or off, etc.
  • Avoid heavy meals just before bedtime.
  • Activity during the day: it is important to ensure that our children have varied activities during the day, including outdoor physical activity if possible
  • Create a suitable environment: for example it is not good to fill your bed with toys, it is convenient to see it as a place to sleep, not as a place to play.

If you have not done it, do not worry! The main thing is that you have a lot of patience, give him pampering and take advantage of the fact that it is done at night before to put you to bed a little earlier.

Courage that the adaptation in the change of the schedules for children will last only a few days!

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