“You can not put a limit on something, the more you dream the farther you will get”. Michael Phelps

It has always been said that swimming is the most complete sport. That being the case, the sooner we start to practice it better!

It has many benefits:

· Swimming for children, improves coordination and flexibility, moves almost all muscles and without friction, so it is very difficult to get injuries.

· Improves the circulatory and respiratory system, preventing cardiovascular diseases.

· Fosters the love of sports and healthy living, avoiding overweight.

· Power self-confidence, socialization and independence.

Summer is a great time to start swimming for children, learn to swim and perfect the technique. In Madrid there are many places where you can receive swimming lessons:

Schools with swimming pool: there are several schools that have swimming pools offer swimming lessons to children who are not school students


http: //www.colegiosanagustin- madrid.org/


Centers specializing in learning to swim for the little ones

https: // www. escueladenatacionmadrid.com/ por-que-atenas /

For babies a very good option is Babyspa, they enjoy it very much and they have a first contact with water

If you have a pool at home you can take a private tutor, at Care for Kids we help you find it! Contact here

Finally, although swimming offers so many benefits, we must not forget to take the necessary precautions in swimming pools and beaches since in Spain the drowning of children is the second cause of death in childhood.

Apart from the constant vigilance, it is good to have the 10/20 norm in your head, look at the minimum pool every 10 seconds and check that you can reach the minor in less than 20 seconds.

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