Back to school!

“Education is the master key that opens all doors”

The long school holidays are coming to an end and the return to school is approaching.

This affects parents and children. To the parents, because we have to prepare everything necessary, and the children, because they have to adapt again to the early mornings and to a routine on a day-to-day basis.

Can the adaptation be smoothed back to the routine? Of course! Here are some guidelines that can help you catch the rhythm:

· Begin to meet the school schedule a few days before the first day of school arrives, and they will have the habit of going to bed early and getting up early.

· If you have not done it for the rest of the summer, encourage the children to spend a little time every day sitting down, painting, reading or doing some activity that involves concentration.

· Talk with the children about going back to school so that they are prepared psychologically and do not create anxiety or anguish.

· Gradually reduce the use of technology if in summer they have more freedom.

· Maintain a routine in eating habits, similar to the one they go

· Prepare in advance school supplies, backpacks, uniforms and shoes. Always have to make some arrangement in uniforms that if done in time does not suppose overwhelm.

· Order labels with the name for clothes and shoes. Some companies that send them very quickly by mail are or

Back to school is a joy because they go back to see their friends and we parents have more time for us again, encouragement for all families!

And remember, if you want help for school reinforcement or to improve a language, you have Care For Kids!

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