Afternoons at home are crazy between school pick-ups, homework, snacks, extracurricular activities… if you also have to work at home in the afternoon, it’s rare that we don’t all go crazy!

That’s why it’s nice to have help with some of the tasks related to the children. After school nannies are perfect for this.

But what exactly can they help you with? Every family has different needs and that’s why the searches we do at Care for Kids are always personalized, but here are some ideas:

* School pick-up – school dismissal times are getting earlier and earlier and combined with the lack of work-life balance it is very difficult to be able to get to everything.

Our nannies take care of picking up children from school either in their own car, in the family car, by public transportation or walking.

* Driving to after-school classes – apart from being able to take the children to and from after-school classes, as we said, walking, by car or by public transport, our nannies can organize after-school activities at home. Many of them have additional qualifications such as music, dance, painting or cooking.

* Homework help – no matter how much we are told at school that children have to do their homework on their own, the reality is that they almost always need help. Our educators, trained in early childhood and primary education and with experience in schools, will be able to help with homework and reinforce the subjects in which they are a little weaker.

* Help with routines – it is very useful to have complete help with all routines such as preparing snacks, going out to the park, arts and crafts, homework, and help with baths and dinners. This way when you get home you can enjoy your children in a more relaxed way.

* Languages – all of the above can be accompanied by a nanny who has a bilingual level in another language, so that she can speak to them during the time she is with the children in a second language and they will learn it in a natural way.

Ask us what you need, we will be happy to advise you.

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