Extracurricular activities are very beneficial for children of all ages, but as we are in a complicated situation due to Covid 19, many of them cannot be carried out. Therefore, we propose several alternative, creative and fun activities that children can do to distract themselves at home and avoid excessive use of screens. If parents do not have time, remember that at Care For Kids our nannies and educators are a great option to complement the education of your children.

Creative and fun activities

The most important thing is that these activities are attractive to them and that they can connect with the children’s interests and talents. For example, if the kids love to read we can do a storytelling every night, the Instagram account @unageniallamadaanita will give you some great ideas.

Playful activities in which the little ones will have fun, but with which also, thanks to game dynamics, they will be able to enhance their creativity and skills. You can take a walk in a nearby park and collect different leaves, chestnuts, acorns, sticks and make some crafts like the ideas of @vamosalcoleinfantil.

Don’t miss these original and simple activities that kids are sure to love.

A cooking afternoon

Thanks to the cooking contests that have become popular on television, children will love to have a cooking workshop. They don’t need to be very complicated recipes since the important thing is that they participate and have fun. For example, to engage children in this activity we can propose simple recipes such as learning how to make brownies or a delicious pizza. We can pose it as a game or contest and at the end of the activity vote and choose the best dish. And always an adult should supervise and lead the workshop. You can learn a lot with the tutorials that @cristinaoriachef makes.

An Escape Room or Treasure Hunt

Another activity that can be fun and has become a trend for children and adults is to organize an Escape Room at home. The organizers, who will be the parents, grandparents or caregivers, have to create a series of tests that the participants have to pass to get out of the room. For example, they can discover treasures, guessing puzzles or overcome tests in which they have to apply mathematical or biological knowledge. Children are sure to have a great time and will want to repeat this activity soon.

A play

Children love to act and dress up. Therefore, a good idea is to put on a play or a little musical at home. Always choose a simple play and distribute the roles according to the age and aptitudes of each child. It is important that they choose the characters. For example, they can invent a play about superheroes or movie princesses. In addition to studying the roles, they will have to prepare the costumes, stage decoration and rehearse as necessary. This is a very fun activity in which the whole family can participate and the children will also practice reading and will have to exercise their memory.

Create a story

If your children like to draw, a very fun activity can be to make a story together. They will have to write the script, the text and the illustrations. An original story with a beginning, a middle and an ending. If someone is not good at drawing, they can always help with coloring. It does not need to have many pages, but it is important that they do the story themselves and that they develop their creativity when inventing the story, the characters and the illustrations. This is an activity with which they will have a lot of fun, they will practice skills such as writing or painting and they will have to make decisions and reach agreements among themselves.

A gymkhana

Finally, another fun activity that can be done in the garden, in the yard or inside the house is to organize a gymkhana. The children will love to follow the clues and do the tests that are proposed, in order to be the winners of the gymkhana. The tests should be adapted to the age and abilities of the children and ideally they should be fun for everyone, for example, imitating an animal or a famous person. Creative and fun activities with which you will surely succeed this fall and winter.

Remember that all these activities and many more can be done by Care For Kids qualified nannies and educators, do not hesitate to ask us here.


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